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Sunday, 11 September 2011

My first posting

I'm just off to put a chicken in the oven - but before I do ...
This is the first posting on my blog.  Although I have been thinking about doing this for some time I haven't actually had the time to sit down and do it - till now.

My idea for the blog is to share a description of what we have for dinner every week so that people who - like me sometimes have no idea how to

a) make a given amount of money (around £150/week in my case) stretch across the week

b) think up imaginative, varied and healthy food to put on the table

c) get something from raw ingredients to on the table within an hour of getting through the front door.

Firstly let me tell you about my family.

I live near Glasgow - with my husband, my three children (two girls, one boy) and my two Jack Russells - who want a walk as soon as I get in. 

Here they are at the study window waiting for someone to come home.

My husband finds the whole idea of cooking very stressful - I may as well ask him to split the atom and anyway he has the palate of a labrador ... If I fed him pedigree chum he would probably wolf it down and say "that was very nice".

One of my daughters is a vegetarian so every meal has to include   a veggie alternative and my son is such a fussy eater that there is a limited list of things that he will eat.  I really think he believes that tomato ketchup is one of his 5 a day.

Of course - I should have dealt with that years ago and made sure that he ate whatever was put in front of him - second world war style - you have two choices take it or leave it - but I didn't have the energy for that.  When child number three comes along - whether it is because you are exhausted or just more in touch with reality - you are much more likely to let them get away with it.

To be fair though - he will eat most vegetables and fruit he is presented with and his favourite family meal is roast chicken - which we often have on a Sunday.

So today we are having
Roast Chicken, crushed and roasted in sunflower oil potatoes (vegetarian) carrots, peas, bread sauce and gravy.

Vegetarian alternative is
Twice baked cheese souffle (with above potatoes and veg) - this is a Delia Smith recipe - for twice baked goats chees souffles from her vegetarian cookery book but I use red Leicester and it is just as good.

Pudding is
Apple strudel (baked in a lasagne dish - it is much easier to handle than the rolled version)

I want my blog to be useful (and entertaining) to people who like me have to feed the family week on week without slipping into the - "if its Monday it must be shepherd's pie" - trap

I hope to share lots of my favourite and adapted recipes from my recipe books - you can never have too many recipe books - and hope that you will try them.

So ... I have some cheese souffles to make - so better crack on.

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